About the Founder

The founder of the Single Tourist Action Centre, Steve Lyden - Brown, was born in Buckhurst Hill, Essex in 1947. His parents, Geoffrey and Vera, travelled much in their careers of boat designer and actress. Steve narrowly avoided being born in the United States since his Dad hoped he might eventually play Cricket for England, and his Mum thought that starting her film career with a pronounced bulge would be no help towards her getting an Oscar.   Steve never played Cricket for England ( nor any other country, come to that ! ) and his Mum was never nominated for an Oscar!

Spending much of his early childhood in the United States, where his mother was pursuing her film career and his father was a consultant to the United States Navy, this eventually necessitated that Stephen return to England and attend boarding and prep schools in Devon and Sussex.  Graduating from Sussex University with a degree in History, Stephen was offered a commission in the British Army. Posted to Germany, he also saw service in Canada, the Far East and Northern Ireland. Upon returning to civilian life, he embarked upon a further degree course at the University of Kent to study Law ; accepting a post in a City of London law practice upon graduation.  With a view to broadening his commercial expertise, Stephen later joined the family firm ( his father having now established a successful brokerage and accountancy business ). He successfully established another business division and relocated the company to Norfolk, where the family had a weekend farm house for shooting and fishing. The newly created business was that of a Management Consultancy.

At the death of his father some years later, Stephen returned to London, where he continued to practice both commercial Law and Management Consultancy, achieving much success in this role. He later relocated to St. Albans, Hertfordshire. With a client base of major blue chip companies, Stephen was approached by Imperial Chemical Industries with an offer to join them in the role of senior manager and lawyer in I.C.I.'s Group Legal Department. Stephen retired in 2012.

Stephen is married to Rosanne, who was a successful buyer for a major High Street retailer, before joining a global logistics business based in the United Kingdom. They have a teenage daughter, and the family live in a 13th. century thatched farmhouse on the Northamptonshire/ Bedfordshire border. They have three Border Terriers, Zippo, Spiggy and Pumpkin, and a Boston Terrier pup called Motor Mouth, known to his friends ( of which he has many ! ) as Mo.   Stephens hobbies are fly fishing , motor racing and travel. He is a member of the Aston Martin Owners Club and the Vintage Sports Car Club.    He decided to re-establish the SINGLE TOURISTS ACTION CENTRE, ( previously known as the Single Travellers Action Group ), having had a bad experience of the discrimination imposed upon single holidaymakers.