Mission Statement

In August 2006 it was established that 57% of Britains population of over fifty year old people are single. This number increases year upon year. "The SINGLE TOURIST ACTION CENTRE was formed from the defunct Single Traveller's Action Group that ceased operating upon the ill health of its founder some three years ago. During the thirty years of its existence STAG did much to substantially improve the circumstances of the millions of single people who take holidays every year, but have financial supplements imposed upon their holiday costs. Yes, these surcharges are STILL imposed, but by fewer and fewer holiday agents, cruise ship operators and hotels.

This was achieved largely thanks to STAG, and the SINGLE TOURIST ACTION CENTRE will continue this crusade in an ever more vigorous manner. Contacts have already been established with the Department of Culture and Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry and the European Court of Human Rights, as well as Members of Parliament, both British and European and the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  The British press have been very supportive, as has local and national radio and TV channels. STAC will ensure that this support is both continued and increased.

As a non profit making organisation who intend to obtain charitable status, STAC will commit itself wholeheartedly to pursuing and achieving constant improvements in the rights of those of us who choose to holiday on our own, and end discrimination against them.